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What is Sherpa?

Sherpa is an EdTech solution that helps parents to get involved with their children's education. Sherpa possesses a wide range of teaching resources tailored for parents to help you be the guide for your child's education journey. Through our in-depth performance analytics, Sherpa will also help you to track your child's progress, giving you greater insights into their educational journey.

Our Mission

Globally empowering parents with access to high quality tools and specially tailored teaching materials to help keep up with their childrens' educational journey

The Sherpa Learning Portal



Sherpa’s database covers the entire range of secondary and pre-university level topics in mathematics


Our platform is easily navigable with the resources sorted according to subjects, topics and difficulty.


Assign customised worksheets and tests for your child, allowing him/her to further learn at their own pace (you can track their progress as well)


All of our worksheets come with fully worked solutions tailored for parents that can help anyone become a teaching pro

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